New Update 11/21/16

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NOTIFIED UNION MEETING – Our monthly Union Meeting is Thursday, May 9th at 5pm. All members are encouraged to attend, please remember to bring an up to date dues receipt.

PSM RE-CERT- Our Monthly PSM RE-CERT is Tuesday, April 21st, at 6pm. If interested in attending please contact the Union Hall.

LU 654 – Will be implementing text messaging to keep members up to date with information pertaining to the Local. Please register by texting 654 to # 33222. Any questions please call the Union Hall.

QUARTERLY DUES –Are payable in advance, reminder the international portion of the quarterly dues will increase three dollars per quarter for 2018. Dues are: $120.00 for JW and CE&CW; $119.25 for RW; and $115.50 for Apprentices. (Members of C.E.B.A. add $15 to the above amount)

CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO- The Dan Price’s on the birth of their son Charles Daniel!

The Don Meloney’s on the birth of their son Donald Jr.!

The Alex Viscidi’s on the birth of their daughter Henley Mae!

The Robert Hochstuhl’s on the birth of their daughter Myla Grace!



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