New Update 11/21/16

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 UNION MEETING –  Our monthly Union Meeting is Thursday, January 11th at 6pm. All members are encouraged to attend, please remember to bring an up to date dues receipt.

PSM RE-CERT- Our Monthly PSM RE-CERT is Tuesday, January 16th at 6pm. If interested in attending please contact the Union Hall.

QUARTERLY DUES –Are payable in advance, reminder the international portion of the quarterly dues will increase three dollars per quarter for 2018. Dues are: $117.00 for JW and CE&CW; $116.25 for RW; and $112.50 for Apprentices.

  (Members of C.E.B.A. add $15 to the above amount)


The Dennis Rushton’s on the birth of their daughter Presley Marie!

The Dan Endres’ on the birth of their son Declan James!